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Hey everyone- i just joined this community- I've had a horrible month and I wanted to get someone's advice.

I started to date this guy in September. We've been officially boyfriend and girlfriend since November 11th. We both lost out virginity to each other and now I'm 16 weeks pregnant. Luckily we both want this kid, and want to raise it and everything. But I have a different problem. He has bi-polar (which is a mood disorder... a chemical imbalance in the brain), my father had it and he commited suicide when I was 5. But everything seemed fine with him when we first started dating, but I realized several months into the relationship that he had a really bad temper. It all goes with the bi-polar- he yells, breaks his phone, curses at me and says hurtfult hings that he really doesn't mean. I think one of the biggest problems is his mom doesn't force him to take his medication or go to therapy- and he REALLY needs it, bi-polar disorder shouldn't go untreated. Lately things have been worst, because he makes me cry- and now his family are getting annoyed by me and don't even want me staying the night anymore. But I swear I wouldn't get him upset if I knew how not to- and I only cry because the things he says hurts me. Now he's even getting annoyed by me. He says he still loves me- but it feels like he doesn't. And I wanted this baby to have it's parents together- and I really don't have the strength to walk away- Ilove him too much. Would this be considered emotional abuse? I mean I thought it might- but he has bi-polar, he can't control it.

Please help me, I'm so lost at this point. =/
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