partneverknown (partneverknown) wrote in bitchingnmoanin,

I'll be there for you

I recently started talking to my ex and we even hung out with two of his friends this past weekend. Now, this is a guy who I dated for almost two and a half years; it's been a little over a year since I've seen or talked to him. It was weird seeing him when we hung out; I mostly talked to his friends when I didn't have a bottle of beer to my mouth. His one friend pointed out that my ex had cuts all on his wrists. I don't know what to say, but what I have been..I'm there for you. He says that he lies to his family and friends saying that he's okay and he's stopped which he hasn't. He isn't getting any help. I am not a very strong person myself. I'm usually the person who people are being strong for. I don't want to feel responsible if he goes too far, so I'm not sure whether I should let someone in his family know or not. His reasoning for cutting is that he doesn't want to live anymore, he says that he just has too much going on right now. How can I help when his own family isn't interested in seeing the fucking truth?! I'm trying to be his friend, but with the history me and him have had and now this mess he is..I'm not strong enough to be there since he sounds like he isn't even making an effort. I can only be there for him so much then it's up to him.
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