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memories hurt...

this community seems kinda deadd.buut,i will post anywho.

i've come to the conclusion...that i can never be that "one" girl. I know your not supposed to just go and be that "one" girl that can "change" someone...and i know that your not supposed to be just that one person, who can totally and completly change someones life around.

but then why do we feel like we want that so bad?

cant tell the difference between...whats real and what isnt.
i could be everything....i could be nothing
but i'll never know.
to tell you the truth, im not sure i want to know.

i miss someone. and after today, i just realize that i can put them away....pretend like they arent really a part of my future.
but then they just show up again. unannounced and unexplained.
and even if its the littlest thing that they do, or if they bring up the tinyest part of the past...
it is enough to shatter what my dream of the future might be.
It all makes sense....i mean, i think it does...
that is...IF they were doing this with a purpose.
but, i doubt they even notice themselves. which is why it just doesnt make sense?
i am confued.
is it gunna be like before where i cant stop thinking or dreaming about them?
or is it just gunna be something i can get over....until the next time they randomly pop up again.
i wish it didnt have to be like that.
i know there is a real reason why things are this way
i know there is a reason why i get like this.
sometimes i think its all so pointless
but can it be pointless?!
there IS a reason for this....right?
theres a reason i get so tounge tied, and jiddery
there has to be a reason.
and you know the worst part?
its trying to explain the feelings to someone...who will never understand you.
its like speaking but no words are coming out
is it pointless?
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