beautifulhaven (beautifulhaven) wrote in bitchingnmoanin,

Ignorance is bliss? like hell.

Whoever said ignorance is bliss is clearly mistaken. I'm in highschool and i honestly cannot stand it. My maturity level is so much higher than any one of my classmates. It's not even something i can explain. I sit in my classes and just cringe at the level of immaturity, especially considering I'm a very good student and people don't understand what they have to do in order to pass a class; and then i get lame ass questions about what to do when a- the teacher has JUST thoroughly explained it,  b- the directions are RIGHT in front of you, or c- it's common sense! I laugh really hard at the kids who are failing and just realizing that they have to pass, so they have a meeting with the parents and the teachers, figure out what they have to do and such, and then try to apply it. But those same damn kids are the ones who aren't copying down ANYTHING, not making little side notes and not trying their best to understand. And then they have the nerve to come to me to ask for help and to borrow MY notes once they've figured out 'hey, i might need this'. Let me give you a little hint: hard work pays off, trying to bullshit your way through the course will NOT help you out during exams and sure as hell not in the future. I don't understand how these peoples' minds work, as in the people who say 'yeah, she failed me!'. Umm, reality check, you failed yourself. You're the one who didnt hand in the work, you're the one who is sleeping in class, and you're the one who isn't paying any attention to anything that is going on around you. And another thing to keep in mind, not trying your hardest and not passing any classes will only cause you to stay in school longer. LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE.

Another one that really gets me is people who just don't care. That's a pretty broad statement, but it's people who don't care about the important things. I'll focus in on global warming/climate change. Your kids' kids' arent going to have much of a planet. They might even ask what Hawaii or Prince Edward Island was like, considering it will probably be under the water. I laugh at the people who think that it is all a 'political conspiracy'. Are you effing kidding me?! Look at the facts! Higher temperatures, or very warm temperatures in the middle of november; the 'weird weather' is a sign that our world is going in a downward spiral, and quite rapidly at that. I constantly struggle for control when i hear people say that they don't really care about climate change, or global warming, because 'they wont be here'. How heartless are you, seriously? Not only is it heartless, it's pretty damn selfish of you. So you get to enjoy this earth and all the benifits of living, but as for the generations after you, you could care less? Thats pretty stupid of you, and i just look at those people like they are scum, because thats what they are. Its either the uneducated people, or the people who think they know it all and are too stubborn to face the facts.

Ignorance is only bliss for those people who are in fact ignorant.

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